Island Rose and African Geranium

Botanica by Air Wick Room Spray Island Rose & African Geranium 236mL

Delight your senses with this fresh and exotic aroma of Geranium, blended with delicate Rose. The geranium essential oil in this fragrance is responsibly sourced from Africa, where the plants are delicately hand-picked to preserve their fresh scent.

More about Island Rose and African Geranium Room Spray

Our non-aerosol range of room sprays are made with fragrances crafted and infused with exotic natural ingredients that are carefully sourced in a way that respects our planet.



How to use

1. Remove safety stopper to release the trigger and dispose of stopper.
2. Direct away from face and pull trigger at least three times to start product flow.
3. Keep pack upright and pull trigger firmly each time you spray.
4. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Responsibly Sourced

Botanica fragrances are infused with responsibly sourced natural ingredients from some of the world’s most exotic locations. Each fragrance is uniquely crafted in a way that respects our planet.